7. December 2022
Henriette zu Doha
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Raising Climate Ambi­tions with Biochar – a sympo­sium by IBI

This 6 – 8 December 2022, join PYREG for Inter­na­tional Biochar Initiative’s annual sympo­sium, “Raising Climate Ambi­tions with Biochar.”

The three-day, virtual event will focus on quan­ti­fying biochar’s true climate solu­tion impacts, as well as provide an update on the state-of-play for the global biochar industry. This is a wonderful oppor­tu­nity to learn and engage with various experts from the biochar space and other aligned indus­tries through group and one-one networking!

Register here. As an IBI member and sponsor for the sympo­sium, PYREG is pleased to offer a 15% discount regis­tra­tion code:  IBI2022


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