12. February 2021
Henriette zu Doha

New PYREG PX 1500 installed in Basel

The first PYREG PX 1500, our brand new, modu­larly confi­gurable carbo­niz­a­tion system, has been installed on IWB’s site in Basel. Win-win for the climate and Switzerland’s leading rene­wable energy service provider: the allo­ther­mally opera­ting plant carbo­nizes form­erly unde­r­used, low-grade biomass, thereby not only seques­te­ring signi­fi­cant amounts of CO2. In addi­tion, it gene­rates a thermal output of up to 750 kWth, feeding it into the IWB district heating grid. At around 4.5 giga­watt hours per year, it covers the average demand of around 180 households.



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High-tech mats for water treat­ment filled with biochar

High-tech mats for water treat­ment filled with biochar

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