14. November 2021
Henriette zu Doha

PYREG: nomi­nated as forward-looking inno­va­tion and scalable solution.

We are proud that PYREG has been nomi­nated for the 14th German Sustaina­bi­lity Award in the Trans­for­ma­tion Field “Climate”.
This top national award reco­gnizes compa­nies that have made sustaina­bi­lity part of their busi­ness model and are making effec­tive contri­bu­tions to the trans­for­ma­tion with inno­va­tive products and services: 

“In the trans­for­ma­tion field of climate change, energy, buil­dings, trans­port, industry and agri­cul­ture must be decar­bo­nized quickly to achieve climate neutra­lity. What is needed are forward-looking inno­va­tions and bolder imple­men­ta­tion of exis­ting economic and scalable solutions.”


  1. Congra­tu­la­tion! Well deserved!

  2. You and your tech­no­logy are best. Go on! You know you have the solu­tion. The world need it. Make it happen.

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