12. July 2022
Henriette zu Doha

Robert Kovach (CSO) in an AgNet News radio inter­view about the Cali­fornia Biochar Symposium

Listen to this 7 minute inter­view from AgNet News with Robert Kovach (CSO)! It’s all about what to expect at the sympo­sium in Tulare from expe­ri­enced industry experts about biochar, carbon credits, new tech­no­logy and sustaina­bi­lity efforts for Cali­fornia growers:

– Bene­fits of biochar for agri­cul­ture as soil improver for better crop yields & crop quality and to reduce the amount of water consumption
– Biochar is a smart solu­tion for biomass resi­dues, driving a circular economy
– Biochar produc­tion gene­rates rene­wable energy
– Biochar seques­ters CO2
– Biochar appli­ca­tion in agri­cul­ture creates carbon sink credits

Robert’s conclu­ding state­ment: “The finan­cial aspects have grown enor­mously: When putting toge­ther the value of the biochar, the value of the green, rene­wable energy and the value of the carbon credits, Biochar produc­tion has extreme package value, from an economic perspec­tive as well. That`s why we are here in Cali­fornia, at the Inter­na­tional AgriCenter.”



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