30. January 2023
Henriette zu Doha
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Visit us at these upco­ming events!

PYREG is present at various trade fairs and congresses. We look forward to welco­ming you at our booths there or to meeting you during the events. To reserve an appoint­ment, please contact us at sales@pyreg.com.


We could have met here already:


  1. Who is your sales repre­sen­ta­tive in the United States?

  2. our ngo want to get trai­ning from your orga­niza­tion to work on waste to wealth project

  3. sir,we want to work with you in this case rene­wable energy from farm waste mate­rials. we have 24000 nos farm fami­lies in 32 blocks of 11 nos of districts in Odisha state of India.we have more than 50000 acres of farm fields.We have Paddy straw,maize plants after harvest,moong plant waste

  4. Thank you very much for your inte­rest. Our sales team will be happy to answer your ques­tions at sales@pyreg.com.

  5. Thank you for your inte­rest. Please contact our sales team at sales@pyreg.com. Best Regards!

  6. we want to estab­lish one bio char unit of medium scale using raw mate­rial Arecanut husk and coconut husk. Please inform how ishould proceed

  7. thank you for your inte­rest in our tech­no­logy. Please write an email to our sales team. They will be happy to answer you ques­tions at sales@pyreg.com. Best Regards

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PYREG is a CDR Inno­vator sponsor

PYREG is a CDR Inno­vator sponsor

We’re proud to be a sponsor of the Carbonfuture Carbon Removal Summit 2024 and are thrilled to contribute to the conversation on innovation in CDR at this exclusive event. PYREG will be part of the CDR Innovation Showcase, where we’ll present our...

What exactly are carbon removal credits and how do they work?

What exactly are carbon removal credits and how do they work?

WHAT ARE CARBON CREDITS? A carbon credit is a tradeable unit representing the avoidance, reduction or removal of one metric ton of CO2e from the atmosphere. Organizations and individuals can use these credits to oset their greenhouse gas...