4. May 2023
Henriette zu Doha
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Genera­ting electric power via Dürr’s Cyplan® ORC module in a highly effi­cient manner

In addi­tion to produc­tion of premium biochar, PYREG plants offer the advan­tage of multiple uses of the heat gene­rated in the carbo­niz­a­tion process. Thus, our custo­mers can use this heat for drying feed­stock (e.g. sewage sludge), supplying the heat as green heat to local and district heating systems (e.g. muni­ci­pa­li­ties or muni­cipal utili­ties) or to  gene­rate process steam (e.g. indus­trial plants or manu­fac­tu­ring industry).

With the inte­gra­tion of a Cyplan® ORC module (Organic Rankine Cycle), PYREG is now going one step further: the ORC module gene­rates electrical power from decen­tra­lized waste heat sources. The possi­bi­lity of directly utili­zing thermal energy in waste gases up to 500 °C is a unique selling point of Cyplan® tech­no­logy by Dürr Systems AG and is thus the ideal comple­ment to PYREG’s carbo­niz­a­tion technology.

“By coope­ra­ting with PYREG, two German tech­no­logy market leaders are demons­tra­ting a true win-win situa­tion, setting new stan­dards in their markets,” says Sven Jensen, who is coor­di­na­ting the coope­ra­tion as sales manager on the Dürr Systems AG side. “Espe­cially in the small to medium power range, many ORC plants lack effi­ci­ency. Here, the fully inte­grated Cyplan® ORC tech­no­logy is unsur­passed in terms of flexi­bi­lity and electrical efficiency.”

PYREG provides largely dust-free exhaust gas due to the built-in hot gas filter in the pyro­lysis process. With Dürr’s direct evapo­ra­tion tech­no­logy, the hot exhaust gases can be taken directly into the primary heat exch­anger (evapo­rator) of the ORC system. An inter­me­diate circuit, e.g. thermal oil, is not necessary, which mini­mizes costs and trans­mis­sion losses.

Since the thermal energy is coupled into the ORC system at higher tempe­ra­tures, the electrical effi­ci­ency is more than twice as high compared to an ORC solu­tion with hot water inter­face, where the thermal energy is trans­ferred to hot water and then fed to the ORC system.

In addi­tion, the Cyplan® ORC offers the possi­bi­lity of coge­nera­tion. Here, the conden­sa­tion heat from the ORC process is provided at a tempe­ra­ture level of up to 95 °C, while electri­city is gene­rated in parallel. This repres­ents a valu­able heat flow which can be used for pre-drying the feed­stock. For biomass with lower water content, the throughput of the pyro­lysis plant is thus higher. Alter­na­tively, this low-tempe­ra­ture heat can be used for process purposes or for feeding into a heat network.

With the inte­gra­tion of the Cyplan® ORC module into the PYREG plant, the majo­rity of the heat produced is still avail­able to the customer for further use. The electri­city produced is higher than the total plant’s energy consump­tion, offe­ring attrac­tive addi­tional income from electri­city marketing.

In total, Dürr’s high tempe­ra­ture ORC offers an overall effi­ci­ency of about 95% (16% electrical power (gross) plus about 79% heat) compared to about 8% electri­city genera­tion (gross) by low tempe­ra­ture ORC plants.




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