4. October 2023
Henriette zu Doha
climate protection | technology

ntv Wissen docu­men­tary: “How the CO2 absorber works”

ntv Wissen took a great deal of time in this 10 minute feature to intro­duce the PYREG “climate miracle machine”.
Helmut Gerber (founder and CTO) leads the viewer through our produc­tion at the Dörth site. Step by step, he explains how our custo­mers manage to remove more than 30,000 t of CO2 from the atmo­sphere every year using the PYREG carbo­niza­tion tech­no­logy. Jörg zu Dohna (CEO) outlines why biochar carbon removal is crucial for reaching the global climate targets. And he explains the well filled order books: “…Because the plant not only makes climate protec­tors happy, but also inves­tors.” Once again, he unders­cores an essen­tial prere­qui­site for the success of the climate turn­around: Climate protec­tion can also be a busi­ness model. With PYREG, it is.

Being able to build even more Carbon­Di­oxy­de­Re­m­oval (CDR) plants faster is not only desi­rable – we are already on our way. The poten­tial and importance for climate protec­tion has now been reco­gnized worldwide.


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