18. January 2024
Henriette zu Doha
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PYREG enters the UK market with Black Bull Biochar

PYREG supplies Net Zero tech­no­logy for the Black Bull Biochar project to elimi­nate green­house gases

The market-leading Biochar Carbon Removal tech­no­logy turns wood­chip resi­dues into CO2-binding premium biochar and gene­rates rene­wable energy at an indus­trial site in Redcliffe, Manchester.


PYREG, the Euro­pean market leader in high-tech plant engi­nee­ring for the produc­tion of biochar, is now ente­ring the UK market, supp­lying a carbo­niza­tion plant to Black Bull Biochar (BBB), a UK start-up company, for an indus­trial site in Radcliffe, Manchester, in the north of England.

Pionee­ring tech­no­logy in the field of CO2 removal through carbo­niza­tion of biomass resi­dues, PYREG plants produce high quality premium biochar while provi­ding rene­wable energy. By utili­zing this excess process heat, the systems support and acce­le­rate the tran­si­tion to rene­wable energy by repla­cing fossil fuels. In addi­tion, biochar stores the carbon seques­tered in the biogenic resi­dues in the soil for several thousand years, enab­ling carbon credits. These can be credited on plat­forms such as Puro.earth (Nasdaq).

BBB is a green­house gas removal start-up based in the United Kingdom. BBB is deve­lo­ping a viable, commer­cial biochar product for agri­cul­ture at its indus­trial site in Nort­hern England, which will initi­ally be used in the dairy industry. This can remove a signi­fi­cant amount of carbon from the atmo­sphere, which is stored in farm soils for centu­ries, while impro­ving soil quality and redu­cing emis­sions on farms.

“PYREG and BBB are closing loops by produ­cing high quality biochar and rene­wable energy while remo­ving CO2 from the atmo­sphere. This is a real beacon project, and we are proud to provide the tech­no­logy. It doesn’t get any better than this!”, says Jörg zu Dohna, CEO of PYREG.

“The biochar market in the UK is frag­mented and nascent. BBB are buil­ding and expan­ding a sustainable biochar network of farms and indus­trial sites from scratch, over­co­ming barriers to entry. This can only be achieved if we help great manu­fac­tu­rers like PYREG ente­ring new markets.” says Alex Clarke, Co-founder and CEO of Black Bull Biochar. And he adds: “This is a turning point in the UK biochar industry. This is the first time Pyreg have supplied a unit to the UK. BBB have trail­blazed that entry route for them and we intend to help Pyreg scale up their presence in this market”.

BBB secured funding through the Net Zero Inno­va­tion Port­folio (NZIP) from the UK Government’s Depart­ment for Energy Secu­rity and Net Zero (DESNZ) after achie­ving success in the final round of the Direct Air Capture (DAC) & Green­house Gas Removal (GGR) inno­va­tion competition.




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