20. January 2020
Sine Friedrich
Company | Sewage Sludge

PYREG GOES CZECH REPU­BLIC: Plant for sewage sludge recy­cling will soon go into operation

Full acti­vity in Czech Repu­blic: Our service team is curr­ently instal­ling the next PYREG plant for sewage sludge recy­cling there. Recy­cling the contained phos­phorus gently and storing CO2 – this is on the agenda in more and more Euro­pean coun­tries. After Germany, the USA and Sweden, the first Czech PYREG sewage sludge recy­cling plant will start opera­tion in May/June 2020.


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Sewage sludge phos­phorus ferti­lizer regis­tered in Sweden

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